City Of Ottawa Firefighter Collective Agreement

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A brief description of existing covers [as amended by this supplement] is stipulated in the collective agreement and, furthermore, that the association is made available each year and whenever it is amended with a copy of the main contract with the carrier. We leave it to the parties to specify and describe the reports, but we remain in the process of dealing with any issues that may arise in this regard. The arbitrator also cited section 12.07 of the collective agreement, which was amended in a May 2017 interest rate arbitration decision, to provide that the arbitrator continued to be challenged by the fact that the city was required to provide the association annually with a copy of the main contract with the institution or with each change to the main contract. Arbitrator Keller indicated that this requirement would not have been necessary if the description of the collective agreement was exhaustive. In the end, however, the parties disagreed on the interpretation of these provisions. The association considered that, despite the use of the words “describe briefly” in the 2008 award, what was stipulated in the collective agreement was complete and comprehensive. In addition, the association argued that there could be no restriction on enthebe benefits unless expressly provided for in the collective agreement. I also draw attention to the fact that the various external documents and internal documents made available to the association and workers for many years have clear limits and that no document or statement from the employer indicates that what is expressed in the collective agreement is either comprehensive or without restrictions or conditions. All CUPE members work under the protection of a collective agreement called a collective agreement.

Your local union negotiates the terms of the agreement. Elected local union leaders also work with the employer to resolve workplace issues. Firefighter and OPFFA Board member Malcolm Todd discusses with CTV News Ottawa the motivations behind our Movember Canada men`s health fundraiser – including community service and the importance of occupational diseases to firefighters. Join the Ottawa Firefighters Movember fundraising team here (or donate).… See MoreSee Less A recent arbitration decision confirms that there may be external restrictions on collectively negotiated performance coverage. At the Ottawa Professional Firefighters Association and the City of Ottawa (September 2019), arbitrator Brian Keller found that the collective agreement in question did not provide for a comprehensive and comprehensive performance plan. Instead, he agreed with the employer`s position that the restrictions and standard conditions set out in external documents such as the principal contract with the insurance agency may be valid if workers are not deprived of the benefit negotiated in the collective agreement. It should be noted that the employer was represented competently and successfully in this arbitration procedure by the own Sébastien Huard, Lauren Brecher and Alanna Twohey by Emond Harndens. The employer makes available to the association a copy of the captain`s contract and any other documents or materials that exist from time to time and which provide for possible restrictions on coverage. Among the preliminary questions was whether the collective agreement should provide for a comprehensive benefit plan and whether, in turn, restrictions on collective benefits could be outside the explicit terms of the collective agreement, as in the main contract with the insurance agency.