Sample Agreement For Sale Of Software

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7.4. Inserv provides the services of – for a period of 180 days from the effective date of this Agreement to facilitate the transition of Inserv`s data processing services to the user. These benefits are provided on a part-time basis only for reimbursement (travel, accommodation and meals) up to a maximum of 160 hours of man. These services are continued at a rate of – per hour after the 160-hour limit has been reached up to 100 hours of overtime. All services offered by the company are based on the maintenance of Inserv`s employment and availability with an appropriate announcement. While the seller has developed and is the exclusive property of a proprietary progiciau entitled “EvidenceOnQ”, the following is called SYSTEM. The system consists of all the questions, conditions, conditions, features and descriptions contained in the proposal made by the city seller on November 25, 2013 and which is in Appendix A to this agreement; 8.1. The user assures Inserv that he is the creator and original user of the subject and owner-owned programs for the purposes of the U.S. Copyright Act and the applicable federal and regional property rights laws, and that he is entitled to reject and transfer all rights, titles and interests to Inserv in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. 11.4.

Each party states that it has the full power and authority to fulfil the obligations set out in this agreement and that it has not entered into any other agreements that it would be able to conclude satisfactorily 7.1. In return for the sale and transfer of the object programs, Inserv and User mutually agree to cancel and terminate their previous “Agreement in Principle between Inserv and user for support for Point of Sale systems,” originally executed at `Date`. 11.5. The parties agree that this agreement is the complete and exclusive status of the contract and that it replaces all oral or written proposals and conventions concerning the purpose of this agreement. 11.1. The user is not authorized to enter into other agreements on behalf of Inserv Oder in order to engage or engage him in any way. This agreement is entered into by and between the City of Seattle(“City”), a Municipal Corporation of Washington State and Nexic, Inc. (“Vendor”), a company organized and existing under Utah state laws and empowered to do business in Washington State. This agreement, valid – …, between a user`s 7.2. In addition, Inserv and Users agree to terminate their previous “Inserv-User Data Processing Services Agreement,” which was originally executed at the [date]. The clause of this agreement is conditional on the termination of the agreement.

In connection with the termination of the contract, Inserv undertakes to separate all employees related to the performance of the contract and to make available to staff who do not have a job with the user a redundancy package within 24 hours of their termination by Inserv.