State Government Common Use Agreement

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Potential FDI applicants or other government agencies must complete the application form and provide documentation to meet the eligibility criteria. Some agencies offer on their own platforms. For more information on the possibilities offered by the Government of Western Australia, please visit the industry Link website A state of emergency has been declared in Western Australia with effect as of March 16, 2020. In accordance with the Emergence Management Act (2005), the Western Australian Police Commissioner is responsible for managing and coordinating the response to emergencies. The Ministry of Finance is responsible for the management of non-residential construction projects of the State Government, but there are several other agencies that manage their own construction projects and have their own areas of expertise. The Register of Persons Who Can Make Purchases on Common Use Arrangements (CUA) lists all authorized users of the CUA. This list helps AUC contract providers identify individuals and entities authorized to access their government missions. To apply for a specific Common Use Arrangement (CUA), please contact the contract manager on the AUC page. CUAs, RBAs and GBAs offer more than just savings from pre-negotiated prices. They also offer efficiency gains such as simple ordering and risk reduction strategies, such as strict due diligence practices in the tendering process. You have also covered these contracts when it comes to meeting government insurance and insurance requirements. On Tenders WA, you can browse agency contracts according to the United Nations Product and Services Code (UNSPSC).

LEPSC is a taxonomy of products and services used by government authorities to indicate the product or service their agency wants to obtain. Contracts, also known as Common Use Arrangements, exist for goods and services usually purchased by the government, such as. B as fuel, computer, electricity, travel, advertising, food and stationery. Regional purchase agreements (RBAs) and group buyout arrangements (GBAs) are available for regional purchases.