Ua 488 Maintenance Agreement

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The demand for skills from our members has slowed down in recent times, but we expect it to be stronger again in the near future. Much remains to be done to develop the resources of northern Alberta. In a few years, our members will be involved in major construction projects and their day-to-day maintenance. If you and your employees are not represented or if you are represented by an alternative work organization, we recommend that you speak to our organizers. They are used to helping workers get organized. And they understand how sensitive this topic can be. We promise that they will meet your need for privacy. The EU`s rates, benefits and pension plans are very attractive. We welcome all new members. Before joining, I was so oppressed that I had no self-confidence, no confidence in my abilities, I had sleep problems and I actually lost weight. Joining the union has really improved family dynamics… I was much happier, I was much more confident, and at the end of the day I had a lot more energy for my wife and children.

Below are the big differences between what our members receive and what many non-union people get: “Working non-unionist, I was told that I was not good that I would never find a job anywhere else, that I was lucky enough to have this job…. there were threats like “You should work overtime better, or if it gets slow, you will lose your job and your family will suffer because you have no advantage…. And that was a lie. Email us or call someone in our organizing department (phone 780-452-7080). Email Cal Ploof . When workers regroup and vote in favour of union membership, they use their collective strength to ensure that they are treated and paid fairly by their employer and that their workplace is safe. The principle is simple — together, employees are stronger than you as individuals. We can reproduce everything that happens in the industrial/industrial zone of the province… and train people to do the job properly and efficiently. If you have worked without a union, you can serve for your life to either join a trade unionist or ask us to help you organize your job: check out our library of documents “Agreements – Forms” to get the latest information on salary. That`s why we want you to follow us, especially if you`re a qualified Alberta Journeyman (or equivalent) or interprovincial Red Seal Steamfitter, B Pressure Welder, Plumber, refrigerator mechanic or instrument technician.

All union members who work under the same collective agreement are paid equally, so it is easy to tell you what our rates of pay are and what benefits we receive. But not all non-unionized traders are paid the same, so it is difficult to compare apples and apples perfectly. The United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 488 received its certificate in 1904. Today, Local 488 has more than 10,000 members and is the busiest Aboriginal in North America when it comes to pipeline trade. The premises represent a number of construction trades: plumbers, pipe fitters, sprinkler sprinklers, welders and NCC technicians, cold and measurement. Local 488 is also heavily involved in supporting local communities through community service. Local 488 offers learning and qualification courses worldwide through Alberta Pipe Trades College. The College offers water heater, plumbing and welder courses in its state-of-the-art facility, which includes several stores and 12 classrooms. Courses are available for trade unionists and non-union workers. The 488 local members covered their tuition fees after the courses were successful.

Start with a phone call (780-452-7080), an email or a visit to Edmonton headquarters (16214 118 Avenue) or our office in Fort McMurray (9703A Franklin Avenue T9H 2K1). If you are a registered apprentice, we will refer you to our education department, where you will do some paperwork and be info