Whakatohea Agreement In Principle

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The agreement with Te Rénanga o Ngéti Whtua includes financial and commercial remedies totalling $7.2 million, as well as cultural reparations worth $US 500,000. The Crown recognized the mandate of the Pre-settlement Trust in December 2016, and quickly moved on to substantive negotiations. The Pre-settlement Trust and The Crown reached an agreement in principle in August 2017. Copies of the agreements can be found at: www.govt.nz/treaty-settlement-documents/. “The long-awaited agreement with Whakat-hea deals with serious treaty violations by the Crown, including the confiscation of large areas of Whakathea, which have forced many iwi members to relocate to insufficient reserves.” Contract Negotiations Minister Chris Finlayson welcomed the signing: “Today`s agreement is a great achievement and reflects the positive and principled negotiating approach adopted by Whakathea`s leaders and negotiators. The applicants` main complaint was that the Crown had violated the principles of Waitangi`s contract by failing to actively protect the ability of the Hapa and Deswaitangi court applicants to exercise their rankatanga to determine how they would settle their historical claims. Significant concerns were also expressed about the process that recognized the mandate. The agreements include comprehensive comparative packages including crown excuses as well as financial, commercial and cultural remedies. For more information visit www.whakatoheapresettlement.org.nz The Crown has signed agreements in principle to settle the historic contractual complaints of Whakat-hea and Te R`nanga o Ngéti Whéti, announced today Christopher Finlayson, Minister of the Treaty of Waitangi. The Cultural Revitalization Fund was created on the basis that we must support the Marae and the Marae would receive 500k each.

An additional $1 million would be available to support the cultural strategy. There is no aquaculture farm in the world that is larger than the space reserved for Te Whakat-hea. We have now managed to block this for Whakat-hea. The colony will help us turn space into something important to our people and ensure our generational development. The recent announcement of funding for the entrance to the port and the shellfish plant will allow the full use of the aquaculture space. But there have been many steps on the way to where we are today. It follows a step-by-step guide to each step of this journey, our journey and an explanation of what each step means. At the time, the Trust welcomed the opportunity to test the pulse of our people through this vote.

The results of the vote are available here. See here “Last year, the Whakat-hea Pre-Settlement kept the trust in aotearoa to ensure that Whakat-hea`s opinions and aspirations are reflected in each comparison result.” Today`s signing of the agreement in principle is an important step for us,” he said. Whakat-hea is part of the WAI1750 North-Eastern Bay of Plenty District Inquiry. The investigation covers more than 100 claims, including whakat-hea, Ngéi Tai and Te Wh`nau a Apnui. On December 16, 2016, the Minister of Waitangi Negotiations and the Maori Development Minister recognized the mandate of the Whakat-hea Pre-Settlement Trust to negotiate a transaction on behalf of our iwi and hapa. It was a big milestone for the Trust and for Whakat-hea. Riesterer says the Trust has been encouraged by collaborators back to the progress made so far. Yes, the Crown recognized the WPCT`s mandate to negotiate the transaction after the first Iwi vote in 2016 and iwi`s vote on continuing negotiations after the investigation.