Telus Internet Service Agreement

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If you received a gift for your subscription, the cancellation fee displayed on the first page of your service contract includes the retail value of the promotional gift received. Taxes on cancellation fees are additional. These fees are included in the cancellation fees displayed on the first page of your service contract. In addition, outages or service interruptions may occur due to events that are not under telus` proper control. These may include: 13.10 Global Agreement. All terms of an order or other similar document issued by the customer with respect to services separate from or in addition to those in this Agreement are not binding and are rejected by TELUS. This Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement between the Parties and supersedes all written and oral communications and arrangements between the Parties regarding services entered into prior to the entry into force of this Agreement. 27. You agree that TELUS will not be liable for any damage or loss of your data, devices or software resulting from the installation or maintenance of the services or other services provided on your premises. TELUS recommends backing up all existing computer files by copying them to another storage device before installing or maintaining high-speed devices or software. The fee is $50 for all reconnected Mascon Home services.

58. If you notice a failure, you will receive a credit that depends on the duration of the failure. Please contact TELUS Customer Service to report the outage. The call center agent checks your profile and service details and provides a default credit according to the table below. 18.2 The Services are subject to the availability of appropriate equipment and equipment and, therefore, not all service plans and features are available on all Sites. This is an agreement between you and TELUS Communications Inc. (“TELUS”). It sets out the terms and conditions (“Terms of Service”) that apply to your use of TELUS` Internet access services and related telecommunications services, including the services (the Mascon “Services”) and any equipment made available to you for use with the Services. The Services may also include related services, functions or functions provided through mobile applications. The Terms of Service, together with the TELUS rules and policies applicable to the use of the Services, constitute the agreement between you and TELUS for the Services (the “Agreement”). In order to place content on the Internet via the Service, you grant TELUS and TELUS` service providers a worldwide, free and unlimited license to use, zumkopie, adapt, transmit, display, communicate and create compilations and derivative works from such content. If an individual asserts a claim against TELUS in connection with the use of our service or a device on your account, you will exempt TELUS from any loss or expense telus may incur, including any judgments imposed on us.

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