Vzw Device Payment Agreement

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For Verizon`s potential customers, it`s important to understand information about instalment payment agreements and payment plans beyond basic information. Below is an overview of the more subtle rules for contracting with the device`s payment program. If an initial activation credit decision required the payment of a deposit that Verizon still holds in the account, the invoice must be paid in full each month for one year from the date of the initial payment of the deposit. If a customer has unpaid accounts with Verizon Wireless that have been separated for non-payment and referred to an external collection office, full debt repayment will restore authorization. If an account has been blocked in the last 6 months for non-payment, the invoice must be paid in full for the next 6 months to qualify. Can a customer pay more than the expected monthly payment rate? If you are a prepaid customer and we send you notifications, they will be deemed to have been received immediately when we send them to your wireless device or to an email you have given us, or when we post them as a pre-call notification on your service, or after three days when we send them to the most recent address we have for you. If you need to send us notices, please send them to the prepaid customer service address at verizonwireless.com/contactus We are here to help. It is important that you notify us immediately so that we can block your service to prevent someone else from using it. If you are a postpay customer and your wireless device is being used after the loss or theft, but before you report it, and you would like to get a credit for any charges for that use, we are happy to check your account activity and any other information we need to consider. Remember that you may be held responsible for fees if you delayed the declaration of loss or theft for no good reason, but you do not have to pay any fees that you dispute while they are being reviewed. If you`re a customer in California and we didn`t give you a polite suspension of recurring monthly fees last year, we`ll give you one for 30 days or until you replace or restore your wireless device depending on what happens first.

Yes. Devices purchased with payment for the device are subject to the same return rules and have the same guarantees as devices that are paid for at once: the returned device must be in good condition and the same must be activated on the updated line. For your convenience, you can make an online payment on the invoice site in My Verizon. Depending on a customer`s phone plan, the monthly fee for accessing the line varies. For example, in the new Verizon plan or in the Verizon plan, smartphone lines with an active payment of the device will have a monthly access fee of 20 $US. For lines added to the MORE Everything plan with an active device payment agreement, there are several payment variants depending on the data plan chosen by a customer. You agree that Verizon and debt collection agencies working on our behalf may contact you regarding the status of your account, including late or ongoing charges, using pre-recorded calls, emails, and calls or messages transmitted by an automatic dialer to a wireless phone number, another contact number or email address that you have provided. Verizon treats any email address you provide as your private email address that only you can access. You acknowledge that we may send you receipts, communications and other documents relating to your service to this email address. .