What Did The Agreement Or Covenant Between God And Israelites Say Multiple Choice Question

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Situation: The New Covenant is (explicitly) introduced by the prophets in the context of total failure. Kings, people, and even religious leaders have not kept God`s commandments. It turns out that God`s covenant people were nothing but covenant breakers! The curses of the covenant came upon them when they were banished to Babylon. But here the prophets give us hope: God will one day make a new covenant. The anticipation of this covenant leads history into the pages of the New Testament, where we are presented to Jesus, the One who will fulfill all prophetic promises and bring blessings to all nations. Do you now see the covenants gradually building on one another and forming a kind of backbone for redemptive action? God preserved the world through Noah, initiated salvation through Abraham, formed a special people through Israel, promised a shepherd king through David, and then fulfilled all his federal promises through Jesus. With each covenant, God`s promises and plans to save the world through the seed of women become clearer and clearer until we finally see that salvation can only come through King Jesus. To see. We told you that you wanted to know the covenants. False.

Unfortunately, we humans have not been able to bind our share of the agreement. Imagine that. Adam and Eve chose not to believe in God and to trust their own instincts about good and evil. They sinned against God, broke the man-divine relationship, and plunged mankind into sin and death. This “affair” explains the rupture and corruption that we are experiencing in the world today. We would be stuck in the rubble of Genesis 3 if there were not divine intervention through covenants. Fortunately, the rest of the Bible describes how God first undertakes to repair this broken partnership with people. 5. The New Covenant: The New Covenant is the culmination of God`s work of salvation in His people. He promises to make an eternal covenant with His people, in which He will write His law on their hearts, bring complete forgiveness of sins, put His Spirit in them to enable them to love and obey His commandments, raise a faithful Davidic king to rule over them, to bring them back to the land, to unite them into one people of God. and make them a light to the nations.

Impressive! Situation: The covenant with Noah provided the circumstances in which salvation could come, but was not in itself redemptive. Evil continued to rule the world. Genesis 9-11 traces the downward spiral of humanity and culminates in the story of the Tower of Babel. There, people tried to overthrow God`s authority by building a new world center to rise above God. It was the way mankind gave God`s finger and revealed the nature of the human heart. .