You Must Accept The International Selling Agreement

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For eBay sellers based in the UK, you can check the online selling conditions you need to fulfill by reading the UK`s online and distance selling rules. You should also think about your payment options when selling on eBay websites around the world. Advanced international sellers can also adjust prices based on each market, allowing you to establish and maintain competitive prices in multiple countries. Listings also appear in the default search results on the eBay site for a specific country. To become a successful international seller on eBay, you need effective customer service. The market wants you to respond quickly to customer questions and says that this can mean answering emails due to time zones at unusual times of the day. As an international eBay seller, there are four global standard programs to determine your seller status in specific countries. These include the following: * Applies only to products with fixed price offers with a 30-day sales period or “Voucher until cancellation”. Note that some options and features (for example. B item characteristics or product category structure) may be different on international eBay sites. By unsubscribing, the Marketplace may prevent you from listing items on eBay sites with the Buyer Protection Policy and/or from offering international shipping for your listings.

Since you don`t need a new user ID to sell on multiple international eBay sites, international buyers can see your ratings and know that you`re an experienced seller. A good track record means you may not encounter the same sales limits as new local sellers. To use the global shipping program, sellers must be based in the UK and products. The only costs incurred are the cost of shipping the items to the UK shipping centre – you don`t have to worry about international shipping costs. However, this can have drawbacks for you as an international seller on eBay. Where can you realistically ship? What are the average expected delivery times for customers in the countries where you sell? Do you have an international return policy? It should be borne in mind that not all products will be an international success. In addition, some items are prohibited or restricted by law or violate eBay`s rules. Although basic international listings on eBay appear in search results as usual, shoppers can still filter international items if they wish. This can reduce your visibility into the market, which can impact your global sales. You must accept the international sales agreement before you can list this item on a website other than where you registered or with international shipping options. Solution: The only option would be to end this entry and create a new one. Error (21916587): Name missing from the variant specifics or the variation specifics.

Reason: This error can occur during a “Review/Relist” action if the name of a particular variant (e.B color, size, etc.) differs from those you used previously. .